1. First you need to find camera IP address with AVTECH IPScan utility
  2. Log in to the camera admin page, either directly from IPScan utility or manually from your browser. 
  3. Default username and password is admin / admin.
  4. Click to the Config link upper right.
  5. Network / SNTP - set correct time sync according to the screenshot - use your timezone and click to Save

6. Camera / Video - adjust Max Bitrate and FPS and click to Save

7. Network / Cloud - enable Angelcam Cloud and set video profile if you plan to use  Angelcam Ready Capability. If you plan to use RTSP only, no need to switch this to ON.

8. We recommend to change the password in General / Account as well.
9. Reboot the camera

Now your camera is configured and you can connect it either by RTSP or using Angelcam-ready Feature

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