Angelcam-ready Camera Advantages

Cameras with Angelcam-ready firmware can be easily connected to the cloud easily (usually under 180 seconds 🚀) and securely, and enable the camera owner to use one or more of the apps from Angelcam's app-store, many of them free of charge. To get more details check Advantages of Angelcam-ready camera.

If your camera model is supported (see below) but not marked as Angelcam-ready by your dealer/distributor already, then you can ask him for a firmware upgrade or, if you consider yourself as an advanced user, upgrade it yourself.  

All the firmwares below are official firmwares provided by a camera manufacturer, hence a camera still has all the original features.




Step 1

Download and install Dahua Config Tool for Windows or for Mac OS


Step 2

Download the Firmware for your specific camera model (2 types of firmware)


  • IPC-A15
  • IPC-A35
  • IPC-C15
  • IPC-C35
  • IPC-K15
  • IPC-K35
  • IPC-K15A
  • IPC-K35A
  • IPC-HFW1120S-W
  • IPC-HDBW1120E-W
  • IPC-HDBW1320E-W


  • IPC-HFW4120B(-AS)
  • IPC-HFW4120D(-AS)
  • IPC-HDW4220M
  • IPC-HFW4220S
  • IPC-HFW4220E
  • IPC-HDBW4220E(-AS)
  • IPC-HDBW4220F(-AS)
  • IPC-HDW4220E
  • IPC-HFW4220B(-AS)
  • IPC-HFW4220D(-AS)
  • IPC-HDW4221M
  • IPC-HFW4221S
  • IPC-HFW4221E
  • IPC-HDBW4221E(-AS)
  • IPC-HDBW4221F(-AS)
  • IPC-HDW4221E
  • IPC-HFW4221B(-AS)
  • IPC-HFW4221D(-AS)
  • IPC-HDW4421M
  • IPC-HFW4421E
  • IPC-HFW4421S
  • IPC-HDBW4421E(-AS)
  • IPC-HDBW4421F(-AS)
  • IPC-HDW4421E
  • IPC-HFW4421B(-AS)
  • IPC-HFW4421D(-AS)

This is a
mirror of firmwares you can also find at Dahua Partner Website (accessible to authorized dealers and distributors).

Step 3

Watch a video "Upgrading Dahua cameras to become Angelcam-ready"


Hurray! You are ready to connect your camera to Angelcam 🚀

Once a firmware of your camera has been successfully upgraded, you can read
How to connect Angelcam-ready camera or just prepare the camera's MAC address

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