Here is what you need to do first:

  • Connect your camera to Angelcam (more info here)
  • Activate our Cloud Recording Application (CRA), any plan would do (more info here) and start the recording (the recording is started automatically once the plan is activated)
  • Download our mobile app (android / iOS)

Once you are all set following the steps above, open the mobile app on our mobile device

  • Step 1: Log in using your angelcam email and password, or you can use facebook / google login (in case you set it up)
  • Step 2: Once logged in, you get to list of your cameras. You can notice CRA icon near a camera name that indicates you have CRA activated

  • Step 3: Tap on a camera to get to camera detail where you can find your recordings on a timeline
  • Step 4: You can swipe up and down to navigate in the timeline.

Learn more:

  • What are the blue dots / noodles? They represents events from devices such as motion detection sensors compatible with 3rd party services or from a camera itself - learn more here
  • My timeline looks different. Timeline in mobile app explained


Still need further assistance? Why not check out our Angelcam Community, where you can connect with other users who are sharing their own experiences and insight into various Angelcam topics and problems.

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