We're glad that you want to give our new mobile app a try before it's introduced to the world. 

At the moment, our Beta mobile app is available via TestFlight app, an official App store app for beta testers.

How to download Angelcam beta

This is a simplified guide on how to launch beta Angelcam's mobile app via TestFlight.
Full instructions on how to download and use TestFlight can be found on official TestFlight by Apple page.

  1. On your iPhone (if you're reading this on your desktop, switch to iPhone), click the link in the invitation you've received in your inbox from us.
    Or you can click the same link here.

2. Once you click the link, you'll be prompted to download TestFlight app from AppStore. 

3. Once you download TestFlight from App store and open it on your iPhone: 

  • Close TestFlight app.
  • Click the link inviting you to test Angelcam beta app.
    Or you can click the same link here.
    It's the same link you received from us and that required you to download TestFlight first.

4. This time, follow step 2 that opens Angelcam beta app in TestFlight app.

5. Launch our beta app - Angelcam Viewer by clicking Accept button.

Is downloading the mobile app via TestFlight safe?

Until our new mobile app is available publicly, you can't find its beta version on AppStore. We wanted to show our new mobile app to our loyal customers and users before anybody else can see it.
This is a safe, AppStore (iOS) supported way how new mobile apps are tested.

We need your feedback

Please note that our Beta mobile app is still in development state. Some functionalities may not be available yet and/or run perfectly. We'll be happy to hear your feedback - it'll help us to make the app as much ready as possible for the public release. You can leave your feedback regarding Beta Angelcam in this form.

➡️ What happens to the current app - Angelcam Viewer?

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