If you want to use your sensors to enable or disable cloud recording or if you want just to see these events in your timeline, please follow these steps:

  • Log in to your account and navigate to the "My sensors" section
  • Click on "Add sensor" to access the sensor configuration or add motion detection events from your camera
  • In the following form, fill in the required fields and add further description to identify this sensor better. 

-Name: fill in the name of your sensor. This name will be displayed in the timeline.
-Type: select the type of your sensor, the configuration is the same for all types
-Camera: each sensor can control one camera at the moment
-Enable cloud recording for: choose the recording duration after receiving the event or select "Do not start recording" if you want to just see events from this sensor on the timeline
-Enabled: use this to enable or disable the sensor
All other fields are optional and you can use those to describe the given sensor better

  • After clicking on "Create sensor", you will see a quick summary with further instructions for activating the given sensor in a camera or in IFTTT

For further configuration, please refer to these guides:


When using events as recording triggers, it can take some time to actually start recording. Please expect a short delay and always test your given configuration to make sure it meets your requirements.

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