When does it matter

Sometimes a low latency is important, especially when you are:

  • setting up a new camera and want to check instantly a camera position on a video
  • broadcasting a live event (e.g. sport competition) and want to ensure your viewers has the same experience as people on-site, so they can tweet what's happening concurrently 😀

Why there is a latency at all

Latency is caused by many reasons, from a camera hardware to video stream settings (keyframe interval, video quality), to internet connection, to a technology used for a video transportation and finally a viewer device, application and video player.

In general, the total lag time caused by all those reasons could be easily up to 30 seconds in total.

What you will get once enabled a Low Latency Streaming

On selected devices and browsers (see below):

  • Minimum delay between reality and video playback – only 2 seconds in average ⚡️
  • Faster loading of the camera stream 🚀
  • Lower CPU load 📉

Unsupported devices and browsers will keep work as usual. 

👉Supported devices and browsers

  1. So far, the feature is available for Google Chrome & Microsoft Edge desktop browsers only.
  2. There is no support of sound (again, just in Chrome & Edge)
  3. Unfortunately, it's not working on mobile devices at all 😢

How to enable low latency streaming

  1. Go to My cameras
  2. Click the icon of Broadcasting app on the selected camera (be aware the feature influences your camera settings in general, so you can benefit from it in Cloud Recording App too)
  3. Go to General sheet in settings
  4. Check the box by Low Latency Streaming & click Save settings as shown on the picture below

And that's it!

Ready to give it a try? Let us know how is it going.

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