We are using custom error codes to help you, our users, with debugging in case there are any issues with your cameras. These errors usually come directly from your camera when we try to access them.

This is just a simplified version, so the error codes might not be correct at all times. Some cameras don't send correct error codes, so please use it just as a general guideline.



means that the camera password isn't correct. Please check the password on the "manage camera" page and correct it if necessary.

#523 & 524 & 525 

The stream we are getting from your camera is probably faulty. Please check the streaming setting and if it doesn't help, try to upgrade the camera firmware.

#510 & 520 & 521 & 522 

A general problem, mostly timeout when trying to access the camera. Make sure that your network is configured correctly, that your IP address is still the same if you have a dynamic one and even try to restart your camera.

#516 & 517 

A non standard response from the camera or general camera error. Feel free to contact our support with your specific case.

#515 & 518 

We don't support the encoding of the stream coming from your camera (we support the following: h.264 and MJPEG for video, AAC and g.711 for audio). Check if your camera has a supported stream and try to configure it correctly.

#511 & 513 & 514 

Usually means that the stream address we use to connect to your camera isn't correct for some reason and camera is refusing our connection attempts.

 #519 & 526 

It usually means that there was a problem on our end, if it doesn't disappear, please let us know.


Problem with the player only, either caused by a network error on our end or by connectivity issues on the viewer's end.

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