First, let me thank you for using Angelcam!

If you are not connecting one of the plug'n'play ⚡️ Angelcam ready cameras brands and models (what's definitely recommended as that's just easy and what more, reliable and much more secure), please follow the steps below.

A) Consider using our super 💪  trooper
AngelBox. It will auto-discover your camera on the network and connect it to the cloud very easily and securely. Yeah, and more reliably as well, as it will work even when your public IP address or an internal camera's IP address will change.

B) If you still prefer to connect your commodity network camera or NVR directly using port-forwarding for any reason even knowing there are additional steps required to made port-forwarding setup secured 😬, you have these options:

a) 🔧 Let us connect your device and/or set your router for you. You can schedule a 30 minutes remote assistance call with the best of the bests technicians or just send us your router and camera credentials and we will do our best then. And what's best - this is free service for our paying customers! Otherwise, you will be charged for $30 if we will be able to connect your device successfully.

b)  👀 Investigate yourself what's wrong:

  1. Double check our Starting guide and Port-forwarding guide
  2. Rarely, certain cameras have different credentials for camera web administration and for accessing the video stream. Double check your camera's documentation or administration if that's your case and you can access the camera's administration while Angelcam returns bad credentials.
  3. Try to play the video stream in VLC player. If it works (and with Angelcam doesn't) please let us know, send us the full video stream path you put to VLC and we will investigate what could be wrong.
  4. Still unsuccessful? Please reconsider the other camera connection options above!

Fingers crossed, you are almost there! 🎉

Still need further assistance? Why not check out our Angelcam Community, where you can connect with other users who are sharing their own experiences and insight into various Angelcam topics and problems.

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