Please check if your public IP address is still the same

  • Open "My Cameras" and find the problematic camera. Below the camera name you will see the camera details including the IP address or hostname.
  • Now open a new tab, and visit to see if your IP address is still the same (we expect you are trying this from the same local network as is your camera connected)

If IP address changed

Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) use a dynamic IP address for your network. To get around this you can

  • set up a static IP address by contacting your ISP
  • use AngelBox which connects your cameras thought a secured connection that doesn't need you to use port-forwarding (and hence public/static IP address) at all
  • use Angelcam ready camera
  • set up a DDNS service in your router or directly in the camera and use a DDNS hostname instead of your IP when connecting your camera to Angelcam. We recommend No-IP services.

If IP address is the same

Check if the camera local IP address is the same. Sometimes when your camera or router has been restarted, the camera gets a new IP address from your router and so a port-forwarding settings are no more valid. Solution:

  • short-term: update your port-forwarding setting to reflect a new camera IP address
  • long-term solution: beside of updating a port-forwarding, set your router to provide a static IP address to the camera based on the camera MAC address
  • ultimate solution: stop to use port-forwarding at all- it's not reliable and what's more important - your video and network is not secured. Check all the advantages of Angelcam ready cameras.

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