Angelcam-ready Camera Advantages

Cameras with Angelcam-ready firmware can be easily connected to the cloud easily (usually under 180 seconds 🚀) and securely, and enable the camera owner to use one or more of the apps from Angelcam's app-store, many of them free of charge. To get more details check Advantages of Angelcam-ready camera.

If your camera model is supported (see below) but not marked as Angelcam-ready by your dealer/distributor already, then you can ask him for a firmware upgrade or, if you consider yourself as an advanced user, upgrade it yourself.  

All the firmwares below are official firmwares provided by a camera manufacturer, hence a camera still has all the original features.




Step 1

Download and install Dahua Config Tool for Windows or for Mac OS


Step 2

Download the Firmware for your specific camera model (2 types of firmware)


  • IPC-A15
  • IPC-A35
  • IPC-C15
  • IPC-C35
  • IPC-K15
  • IPC-K35
  • IPC-K15A
  • IPC-K35A
  • IPC-HFW1120S-W
  • IPC-HDBW1120E-W
  • IPC-HDBW1320E-W


  • IPC-HFW4120B(-AS)
  • IPC-HFW4120D(-AS)
  • IPC-HDW4220M
  • IPC-HFW4220S
  • IPC-HFW4220E
  • IPC-HDBW4220E(-AS)
  • IPC-HDBW4220F(-AS)
  • IPC-HDW4220E
  • IPC-HFW4220B(-AS)
  • IPC-HFW4220D(-AS)
  • IPC-HDW4221M
  • IPC-HFW4221S
  • IPC-HFW4221E
  • IPC-HDBW4221E(-AS)
  • IPC-HDBW4221F(-AS)
  • IPC-HDW4221E
  • IPC-HFW4221B(-AS)
  • IPC-HFW4221D(-AS)
  • IPC-HDW4421M
  • IPC-HFW4421E
  • IPC-HFW4421S
  • IPC-HDBW4421E(-AS)
  • IPC-HDBW4421F(-AS)
  • IPC-HDW4421E
  • IPC-HFW4421B(-AS)
  • IPC-HFW4421D(-AS)

This is a
mirror of firmwares you can also find at Dahua Partner Website (accessible to authorized dealers and distributors).

Step 3

Watch a video "Upgrading Dahua cameras to become Angelcam-ready"


Hurray! You are ready to connect your camera to Angelcam 🚀

Once a firmware of your camera has been successfully upgraded, you can read
How to connect Angelcam-ready camera or just prepare the camera's MAC address

Still need further assistance? Why not check out our Angelcam Community, where you can connect with other users who are sharing their own experiences and insight into various Angelcam topics and problems.

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