How to Share a Camera Stream

A step-by-step guide on how to allow other Angelcam users to view a live stream from your camera from web and the mobile app

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If you’re looking to share your stream with friends, customers, or other interested parties, follow this brief guide to get started.

Sharing via Web. app

  1. First, log into My Angelcam

  2. Select the camera you would like to share

  3. Click on "Sharing" in camera details

4. Enter the email address of an individual you would like to share your camera with and click "Send invitation". Please note, if the email address is not connected to a registered Angelcam account, we will create one and ask the individual to complete the registration process.

And that’s it! You can add as many people to your list as you want and can always take people off the guest list at any time by clicking the "X" next to their email address (see example below).

Your guests will be able to find and access your camera feed from the "Shared with me" section of their My Angelcam account page (see example below). From there they will be able to view the feed or remove a view from their account.

An example of a shared camera’s details page:

Sharing via Mobile app

  1. Login to your Angelcam App

  2. Select the camera you would like to share

  3. Go to the Settings

And you are all set! 😉

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