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How to get motion events from HIKVISION security cameras

How to setup motion detection with email to event feature and HIKVISION

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This article explains how to set up built-in motion detection in HIKVISION cameras.

  1. Log into the camera administration panel

  2. Click to Configuration 

  3. Navigate to Network / Advanced settings / Email

  4. Fill in the required boxes - Sender's address, SMTP Server, SMTP Port, and receiver's email address according to this article.  Check the screenshot below.

  5. Click on the Test button to verify the settings

  6. Click on to Save button

  7. Navigate to Event / Basic Event

  8. Check Enable Motion Detection box

  9. Click on Linkage Method and check to Send Email box

  10. Click on Area Settings  and alternatively select the area that is motion detection active

  11. Click on to Save button

Now you should see events in your mobile app. Be sure you have activated Cloud Recording App.

Please note that different Hikvision models might have a slightly different user interfaces.

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