A guide for users connecting their NVR/DVR to Angelcam through an AngelBox. It will show you how to to get the stream from all your channels.

  • This article is a follow-up for the general article about NVR/DVR connection. Please make sure to read that article first to ensure that your device is compatible.

  • This guide will help you to connect cameras through a NVR or DVR (you will see one device being detected). If you're connecting individual cameras separately, you don't need to follow this procedure

Please follow these steps:

  • When you see the list of detected devices found by your AngelBox, you will likely see one device there, alternatively two connections to the same device (one for MJPEG one for h264)

  • Click on the "I want to use a different stream address (profile)" link on the bottom

  • Enter the stream address of the channel you want to connect and don't forget to include username and password in case your device is password protected. There is usually a number representing the channel and stream type included in the address.

    Read more about RTSP address & how to find it for NVRs/DVRs. You can usually get this info from your dealer or manufacturer of the device. You can follow this guide talking about finding a stream path or feel free to contact us should you get stuck at this point.

  • Click on "Detect camera stream" and wait for until we connect to it.

  • Click on "Add this stream" to get stream from this camera to the list of detected devices.

  • Continue with all the other cameras in the same way until you have all of them in the list. Then select them and add them all at once to your account


Each channel will be handled as a separate camera even though the stream is coming from one device

I many cases, the first channel will be found automatically. Use this to your advantage, add the first channel, navigate to the "manage camera" page to see the correct stream address structure so that you can use it to get additional cameras connected


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