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Partner Program - Getting Started
Partner Program - Getting Started
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Thank you and congratulations on joining our partner program! As a means of getting you better accustomed to how our partner program works, and learning a bit more about how it will produce additional revenue streams for your business, we’ve prepared this informational article. Read on to learn more:


Benefits of partner program

  1. 10% lifetime commission - Sign users up for Angelcam services and get a 10% commission for every payment.

  2. VIP support  - As an Angelcam partner you will always get priority support.

  3. Add new, feature-rich services to your portfolio - Allows you to offer your customers a cloud video management system (VMS), camera status notifications, cloud recording, remote monitoring services, broadcasting, time-lapse, and more. Learn more here.

Tips on how to attract and onboard your customers into the Angelcam platform

  1. Create user accounts for your customers directly from your partner portal: For more information, see our article, How to Create Customer Accounts. We offer two billing options: Angelcam can charge your customer directly and issue you the 10% commission from every payment OR Angelcam can charge you as their security dealer & you will bill your customer. In both options, you will receive a 10% commission from every payment.

How to connect a client's cameras

If you choose to create accounts for your customers, you may find this article useful as it will help you better understand all the options for connecting IP cameras to Angelcam.

Tip:  Ensure complete client satisfaction by connecting their cameras to the Angelcam cloud via  AngelBox, our easy, stress-free plug-and-play solution. Read more about it here.

How billing & commissions work

Learn more about the billing options, including answers to many of the frequently asked questions.

😇 We are here to help

Just say or check out Angelcam Community to connect with other users sharing their own experiences and insight into various security topics.

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