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Learn more about Angelcam Marketing Materials
Learn more about Angelcam Marketing Materials

Read more about the Angelcam marketing materials available for our partners

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There are several ways we help our partners effectively promote Angelcam services, including providing specialized online & offline marketing communications. Read more about the available materials below:

1. Branded landing page

We create a unique, branded landing page that can include your company logo, photos, and testimonials. Once created, you can send your customers there to find out more information, take action, and provide us the opportunity to track user activity - from account creation through camera connection to subscription orders. Yes, this is also how we’ll track your commissions as well. Please note, the URL for your unique landing page was sent to your email when you joined our partner program.

2. Discount coupon for your customers

One great way of effectively spreading the word about Angelcam services, while enticing people to sign up, is to distribute your customized coupon (5% off) to your customer portfolio. Once they use the coupon, you will automatically gain a 10% commission from every subsequent payment. Like the landing page URL, your custom coupon was sent to your email when you joined our partner program.

3. Marketing materials

Take a look at some of our branded graphics that you may find useful to utilize within your own promotions or website/social media/offline marketing:

If you prefer offline promotions (i.e. distributing paper flyers), try using our promo card, which includes the main benefits of Angelcam, your company logo, and a 5% discount code. Here’s a sample. If you would like to update it with your own company details, let us know and we will be more than happy to help.

TIP: This promo card can be included with every camera that leaves your office.

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