A complete API documentation is available here:

Features offered

  • Read-only access to a specified camera/account

  • Access to the latest still snapshot (updated once a day)

  • Live snapshot stream (1 FPS)

  • Listing apps active on the specified camera

  • Getting live stream from a specified camera

  • Getting info about cloud recording retention

  • Accessing info about recording data (the presence of recorded data)

  • Accessing a recorded stream from a defined time period

  • Listing recoding events

Possible use cases

  • You can integrate the live stream into your own mobile app or other kinds of software

  • Companies manufacturing sensors can get a recorded footage on demand based on the time of an event

  • Get a snapshot stream for selected cameras to create your own view matrix

  • Collect on-demand snapshots and create your own time-lapse with your own parameters, especially for construction companies

  • Make your own cloud recording interface

  • Surveillance companies can pair the feed from Angelcam with their alarms and integrate it into their own interface

Success stories:

  1. Find your vacant spot in Real-Time with Spotvision 

  2. Let security professionals verify your alarms with Jablotron 

  3. Clip, Watch & Share your Highlights with Looplay 

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