This article explains how to setup built-in motion detection in FOSCAM cameras.

  1. Log into the camera administration panel

  2. Click to Settings

  3. Navigate to Network / Mail Settings

  4. Check Enable checkbox

  5. Fill in required boxes - SMTP Server, SMTP Port, Transport Layer ("None"), Need Authentication ("No"), SMTP Username/Password leave blank, First Receiver according to this article.  Check screenshot below.

6. Click to Test button to verify the settings
7. Click to Save button
8. Detector / Action Detection (or Motion Detection)
9. Check Enable checkbox
10. Set Sensitivity to Medium or High depending on your needs
11. Make sure Send E-Mail is checked
12. Use Set Detection Area and mark with red the area you are interested in
13. Set time schedule - mark with red the operating times - ale click to ALL button
14. Click to Save button

Now you should see events in your mobile app. Be sure you have activated Cloud Recording App.

Please note that different FOSCAM models might have slightly different user interface.


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