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How to configure scheduled broadcasting
How to configure scheduled broadcasting

We offer an option to turn the broadcasting on or off automatically, learn more about how to configure it

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  • Select the correct timezone for your camera
    For this feature to work, you need to have a correct timezone set on the manage camera page otherwise you won't be allowed to save the settings.

  • Configure the time when you want the streaming to start and when you want it to end
    Once the timezone is set, you will be allowed to select a specific time when you want the stream to be available.

  • The default behavior
    When you have it configured in this way, the stream will be available during the time period you have selected and it will strictly follow the timezone set for that specific camera. When someone tries to access the stream when the stream isn't available, we will display a message which includes the availability hours and the set timezone.

  • Custom message and picture
    You also have the option to display a custom image when the stream isn't available. If you do that, the default message with the availability hours won't be displayed. Instead, we recommend including the availability hours in the image itself to keep your customers informed.

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