Our IFTTT integration offers endless possibilities when it comes to controlling the stream both when broadcasting and recording to the cloud. Here are the most commonly requested setups:

Scheduling broadcasting times

Scheduling cloud recording times

You can start or stop broadcasting to public at any time, and you can start or stop the cloud recording at any time. The procedure is almost the same in both cases.

  • go to https://ifttt.com/

  • log in with the same email you are using with Angelcam

  • go to "my applets" menu

  • Please note that you will need to have a Broadcasting or Cloud recording app active for the camera to appear on the following list

  • Once you finish it, your camera will start broadcasting/recording at the pre-defined times

  • Don't forget to add another rule to stop the broadcasting/recording when you don't want it to be public

Still need further assistance? Why not check out our Angelcam Community, where you can connect with other users who are sharing their own experiences and insight into various Angelcam topics and problems.

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