Angelcam now offers a solution which allows you to load our Angelcam-Ready Connector firmware onto Ubiquiti EdgeRouter X devices!

Loading the Angelcam-Ready firmware onto an EdgeRouter X is easy, free and decreases the amount of hardware connected to your network. EdgeRouter X devices also serve as PoE (power over ethernet) sources to power your camera, provide internet access and make connection to Angelcam only one click away.

Currently only the “X” model EdgeRouters are supported. As well as only those devices which use MIPS and MIPSEL architectures; 64-bit variants are not supported.

Accessing your EdgeRouter X:

Prior to installing the Angelcam-Ready Connector firmware you’ll need to first gain access to the EdgeRouter X. To do so, simply connect the router to your internet modem using the eth0 port and access it through an internet browser:

  1. Open an internet browser

  2. Type in the default IP address for the router into the address bar of the browser:

  3. Use the default credentials for the router:

UN: ubnt
PW: ubnt

If you already have a network router and want to use the EdgeRouter X as a switch or secondary device the steps to access it might be different. Since the default gateway (IP address) for most routers are you may need to access and setup the EdgeRouter X directly:

  1. Use an ethernet cable to connect the EdgeRouter X directly into your desktop or laptop. 

  2. Once connected manually set your desktop or laptop IP address within the range of thru

  3. Now, open a web browser and type the default router gateway (IP address) into the address bar:

  4. Use the default credentials


  1. Connect your EdgeRouter X into your existing network router via the Eth0 port.

  2. Wait for your network router to assign a local IP address to the EdgeRouter X. 

  3. Log into your network router configuration and discover which IP address was assigned to the EdgeRouter X

  4. Use the assigned address to access the EdgeRouter X by opening a web browser and typing the IP address into the address bar.

  5. Use the default credentials.

Once logged into the router interface you’ll now have the ability to setup the router as needed. 

EdgeRouter X Setup:

 Now that you have access to your EdgeRouter X you will need to determine if it will serve as a primary router only, both router and PoE supply or simply a PoE switch. 

As a primary router the device will be setup accordingly right out of the packaging. Using this method would suggest that your IP camera(s) or video recording system is already supplied power outside of the EdgeRouter X. Simply connect your camera(s) or video recording system to eth ports 1 thru 4.

To setup an EdgeRouter X for both routing and PoE provisions simply connect your IP camera or video recording device to “eth” ports 1 thru 4. Once connected log into the EdgeRouter X interface (via browser) and click the “Dashboard” tab. You will then see a list of connected devices and the eth port they’re connected to. For devices that require PoE, find and click the “Action” drop down and select the PoE option. This will activate the passive power supply along with standard ethernet for the connected device. 

The EdgeRouter X can also be setup as a secondary or PoE switch. To use these devices as a switch first log into the interface and select the “Wizards” tab. Within the “Wizards” tab click the “Switch” selection under the setup Wizards side menu and select the "Use non-default VLAN for management" option. Save those changes and reboot the router. 

Angelcam-Ready Connector Firmware Installation:

In order to install the Angelcam firmware you’ll be required to use SSH. To access the device via SSH you’ll either need a tool, such as PuttY for Windows or use the Terminal application for Apple/Mac devices.

**If you’re unfamiliar with SSH or using the aforementioned tools please first research if this is within your trusted skill set.**

From the SSH access tool follow the commands/steps below:

1. Dial into the EdgeRouter X via SSH the command below. Replace the bold text with the local IP address of the EdgeRouter X. 


2. Log into the EdgeRouter X by inputing the username and password. By default those values are

UN: ubnt
PW: ubnt

**Note that the password will not be displayed when typing!**

3. Run the commands listed below individually in order to download the Angelcam firmware.

Command 1:
sudo apt-key adv --keyserver hkp:// --recv-keys 7FBFBC65

Command 2:
sudo sh -c 'echo "deb stable main" > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/arrow.list'

Command 3:
sudo apt-get update

Command 4:
sudo apt-get install arrow-client

Be sure to let each command complete before attempting to run the next. 

A success message will appear once the firmware is correctly installed. You can now disconnect from the EdgeRouter X and close your SSH tool. 

How to Connect a Device With the Angelcam-Ready EdgeRouter X:

Now that the firmware is successfully installed you can connect a compatible IP camera or video recording system with the click of a button. 

  1. Create or log into your Angelcam account.

  2. Log into your EdgeRouter X interface via a web browser.

  3. Select the “Wizards” tab

  4. Select “Angelcam Cloud” from the bottom left side menu.

  5. Now click “connect cameras to Angelcam cloud”

The EdgeRouter X will now open your account connection page and simultaneously begin to scan the network for compatible devices. Once found the devices will populate the connection page where you can now enter the camera credentials and preview the camera streams. 

To add them to your account click the check-box on the camera tile, name the camera and click the “add cameras” button.

All selected camera streams will then be added to your account!

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