There is a several reasons why you may prefer to not record 24/7, typically

  1. To respect a privacy of your employees, neighbors or family members

  2. Upload speed of your internet connection is not fast enough to cover continuous recording from all your cameras you want to record

  3. Your total data transfer is limited or you are even paying for a data transferred, e.g. your site has cellular connection

Logical consequence of event recording is that it's easy to navigate through the recorded video (yet, that's available on continuous recording as well).

How to activate event recording

1️⃣Send events to Angelcams
You can do it via e-mail, IFTTT, API or webook. Here is how.


When using events as recording triggers, it can take some time to actually start recording. Please expect a short delay and always test your given configuration to make sure it meets your requirements.

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