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Solutions to common problems about clip creation
Solutions to common problems about clip creation
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I made a clip, but I can’t play it. What’s wrong?
A: If you can’t play your clip, there’s a chance your video player isn’t compatible. Rule of thumb, if you’re able to watch live streams, you should be able to watch clips.

Can I download clips?
A: Yes, clips can be downloaded to a desktop/laptop. While clips can also be downloaded on Android devices, users may have problems viewing those clips depending on the player. On iOS, you can download a clip and store it in your favorite app (Dropbox, Google Drive) or share it using AirDrop.

I can't play a downloaded .ts file, what should I do?
A: This issue may crop up on mobile, more so than on Desktops, which generally have software that supports .ts files. On Android and iOS, certain phone manufacturers have software that is incompatible with .ts files and users would have to install a third-party video player. We highly recommend using a solution such as VLC or MX Player, to view clips. 

What is the best way how to convert my .ts file to other formats?
A: We recommend this superb service that is free and fast

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