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What's the best setup for recording and broadcasting audio?
What's the best setup for recording and broadcasting audio?

With selected cameras you can monitor, record or broadcast video with sound as well. How to do it?

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Requirements your camera has to meet


   RTSP & h.264

Audio codec

   A) AAC (recommended, higher quality)
   B) alaw or ulaw (G.711)


  • build-in microphone, or

  • sound input (3,5 mm jack or RCA)

Internal built-in microphone, or external?

   A) Do you want just to capture ambient sound, e.g. background noise, birds, and similar? Then you will be most probably okay with a built-in microphone.

   B) Do you want to have a crisp sound with low noise, hear every word, or broadcast a conference, concert, or another event? Then use an external microphone or even a professional sound mixer with 3,5mm or RCA cable.

Choosing the best external microphone

Any microphone with a 3,5 mm plug or RCA will work. RCA microphones typically offer higher quality. Microphones optimized for security cameras exist as well, e.g.:

Choosing the best camera

For professional results

👉We have had a great experience with AXIS V59. It has fluent 30x PTZ (managed via the camera's web interface or over IP and SDI ), and XLR inputs for high-quality audio - so it's easy to connect the output from your sound mixer to a camera. It has also HDMI output so you can use a camera in your video mixer as well.

For common needs

💡If possible, use Angelcam-ready or Angelcam-powered cameras - most models from AXIS and many models from HIKVISION are supported and you will get Plug'n'Play, secure, and reliable connection (no need for port-forwarding).

Do you need help choosing the right camera?

If you need help picking a specific model, please reach your local security dealer, or explain your needs in our community forum. There are camera dealers (and our team as well) answering! 

😇 We are here to help

Just say or check out Angelcam Community to connect with other users sharing their own experiences and insight into various security topics.

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