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Angelcam-powered and Angelcam-ready cameras

Make your camera easier to connect and more secure!

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We developed Angelcam Connector, a small but powerful code that can connect a video-capable device (a security camera, intercom, ...) to the cloud easily, securely, and reliably.

💡With Angelcam Connector inside

  1. Initial setup is easier and cheaper - there is no need to (re)configure your router, set port-forwarding, have public and static IP address

  2. On-going costs are cheaper - there is no need to pay for a public IP address

  3. A connection to a camera is encrypted - stream credentials and video stream as well.

  4. Other devices in your network are not exposed to the internet as there is no need for open ports on your router.

  5. A connection is reliable even in long term - it will work even when whatever in your network configuration will change. And you can bet - it will, sooner or later. Then a connection to your camera will stop working suddenly and there will be a need to investigate what exactly changed.

In case you have an existing noncompatible device, please use AngelBox to connect your existing devices easily, securely, and reliably.

👉Two options for how you can get a device with Angelcam Connector inside

🤫There are actually three options. Developers and manufacturers can use source codes of Angelcam Connector and do their own integration.

A) Purchase a device with Angelcam Connector pre-loaded already

When purchasing a new camera, look for the Powered by Angelcam sticker:

B) Purchase or use an existing device compatible with Angelcam Connector

There are hundreds of models of devices on the market where Angelcam Connector can be added anytime after purchase by using a special firmware or adding Angelcam Connector as an add-on application, from these brands:

AXIS brand IP cameras now support the installation of Angelcam-ready firmware. Check the tutorial, linked below, to ensure your camera model is capable of using the Angelcam-ready firmware. 

😇 We are here to help

Just say or check out Angelcam Community to connect with other users sharing their own experiences and insight into various security topics.

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