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AngelBox compatibility list
AngelBox compatibility list
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If your brand is not listed here, it doesn’t mean it’s not supported - it still may work, if:

  • your camera/NVR supports h.264 over RTSP or MJPEG at least

  • it's connected via cable (ethernet) or WiFi (so analog or USB cams are not supported)

If your devices fulfill these requirements you can just try it out and if it will not work, return your AngelBox and you will get your money back.

Note: Angelcam-ready cameras can be connected easily and securely without AngelBox. If you have a commodity camera or NVR, you may also want to connect the device directly via port-forwarding for some reason (yet it's not recommended). Here you can find the camera compatibility list while using the direct RTSP/MJPEG connection and port-forwarding.

Camera brands

The following cameras should be found automatically.


  • Axis

  • Bosch

  • Dahua

  • D-Link (h.264 only, MJPEG often doesn't work due to firmware bugs)

  • Edimax  

  • Foscam (depends on the firmware version)

  • Hikvision

  • IPCC

  • Panasonic

  • Samsung (Cloud models need an RTSP address entered manually)

  • Sony

  • StarDot

  • TP-Link

  • Vivotek

  • Eufy



  • Dahua

  • Hikvision

  • Laview

  • AVTech

  • Lorex

  • Floureon

  • Vivotek

  • KGuard

  • Annke

  • TrendNet

Detecting cameras connected via NVR/DVR can be challenging for AngelBox and you might be forced to specify the stream addresses manually. Don't worry though, most NVR manufacturers or dealers do have this info, so you might just need to contact them to get it.

If you are connecting NVR/DVR with more channels, usually only the first channel is detected, to add more channels, you will need to specify the stream address manually. For more info, please follow this and this article.

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