To enable AngelBox solve a lot of network camera setup issues please make sure that these prerequisites are met.

1) Ports used by your cameras should be set to a default configuration

Currently, we are scanning ports 554, 88, 81, 555, 7447, 8554, 7070, 10554, 80 for RTSP and MJPEG services, if you're using a different port, the stream won't be discovered.

We were forced to limit the number of ports because some firewalls and network components tend to block the detection if we try to access all the ports.

The future AngelBox update will allow you to specify custom port for the detection.

2) Your network needs to be running a DHCP server

AngelBox is set to wait for a DHCP server to assign an IP address to it, there isn't any way to set it to a fixed IP because there isn't any web configuration server running. DHCP server is in 95% cases enabled by default on your router, so unless you're running some custom setup, you shouldn't have any issues.

For the future, we plan to add custom IP configuration as well.

3) The AngelBox needs to be in the same network with your cameras

To properly detect your cameras, AngelBox needs to be in the same network (same subnet) with your cameras, otherwise the detection won't work. At the same time, it needs to have an internet access as well from this network.

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