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Recommended streaming setting, solution for "keyframe interval too high" error
Recommended streaming setting, solution for "keyframe interval too high" error
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Incorrect streaming settings can cause the following issues:

  • Inaccurate seeking in video footage when using a cloud recording

  • Delays when starting video playback or even live stream in all other situations (live video monitoring, broadcasting, ...)

  • Gaps in cloud recording

  • "keyframe interval too high" error in the cloud recording interface

To avoid this:

  1. Measure your internet speed at and pay attention to the "upload speed" (With multiple cameras, you need to divide the actual bitrate by the number of cameras you're going to connect).

  2. Log in to your camera web configuration interface

  3. Find streaming or video settings and change the settings to the following:

  • H.264 profile: Baseline (H264B)

  • Streaming mode: CBR (Constant bitrate) or Maximum bitrate

  • Bitrate set to a value that is lower than your measured upload speed

  • Keyframe (I-Frame, GOP): 1 - 2 seconds (or equivalent in frames depending of your FPS settings, e.g. 30-60 frames when using 30 FPS)

Examples of various camera manufacturers:






❗️ This is the best available h264 setting in terms of stream stability, but it can result in increasing the overall amount of transferred data. It will enable you to experience much smoother and faster seeking and more reliable recording on the other hand. 

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