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Billing Options for Your Customers
Billing Options for Your Customers

Learn more about how Angelcam charges its partners and their customers.

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Charging a customer

In general, there are two ways to charge a customer and all of our partners are able decide which method is used, either billed by Angelcam or by the partner, during the account creation process.

a) When a customer is being billed directly by Angelcam

  • Your customers simply process their payment anytime they make a purchase

  • You get a 10% commission from every payment

  • Anytime you create a new customer's account & connect his/her camera(s), you get an additional commission for each camera connected

b) When a customer is being billed by the partner

  • Your customers can activate any free or paid plans, at any time, without the need for a direct payment to Angelcam

  • You will be charged retroactively for all the paid plans running under your account & the accounts of your customers

  • Payments are processed at the beginning of every month

  • Total amount due will be discounted by 10% (your commission)

Please note, customer billing methods are specific to each customer and can be changed at any time from the My Angelcam zone.

Selecting a billing option for a customer

1. Go to & sign in

2. Select "My Customers"

3. Click "Create customer account"

4. Complete the form and select the billing option at the bottom. 

5. Confirm the information and click the "Create customer account" button

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