You might encounter a situation when you have multiple cameras using one public IP from one internet connection. Don't worry, it can be done!

In general, there are two ways you can accomplish this, in certain cases you might be limited to one option or the other, depending on what's allowed within your router or camera:

  • Option 1: Leave the RTSP port (or HTTP port in case of a MJPEG stream) in all your cameras set to the default value (port 554 mostly) and select a different external port in your router port forwarding configuration. We recommend choosing ports 10554, 11554, 12554 and so on. The configuration should look like this in the router:

  • Option 2: You can change the RTSP port directly in your camera to port 10554, 11554, 12554 and so on and then create a port forwarding rule in your router which would forward port 10554 from public IP to port 10554 on a local IP of your camera. The configuration will look like this in that case:

In both cases, you need to be sure that the external port has a unique value and when you're searching for a camera stream, be sure to specify the custom port number along with the public IP address.


To add more cameras, continue in the same fashion.
We use higher port numbers to avoid conflicts with other devices in the network.

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