You have your camera and AngelBox. What’s next? Let's get started!

1. Use an Ethernet cable and connect AngelBox to your network with IP cameras. Please note that AngelBox requires a DHCP server to be active on your network.

2. Plugin a power adapter to your AngelBox. The device will then power on automatically.

3. Go to and click on “Create an account” if you haven't created an account at Angelcam yet. In case you already have an account, just sign in.

4. Choose how you want to create a new account. You have 3 options:

  • With Facebook account

  • With Google account

  • With your e-mail

TIP: If you log in with your existing social Facebook or Google account, you don't have to remember any passwords. And, your identity is double verified. So it's simple, convenient, secure and fast. Don't worry about your privacy, Angelcam gets access only to your public profile (which is usually your name and email address).

5. Hit the “Connect new camera” button in the right upper corner. 

6. Select a connecting option - Through AngelBox.

7. Enter the AngelBox ID (the one you find on the bottom of actual AngelBox device) and click on "Connect" button.

8. Select which one of the detected cameras you want to add to Angelcam. Tick a box “Add this camera to the cloud” and create a name of your camera. Then hit blue “Add selected cameras to Angelcam” button.

9. If your camera is password protected, please provide a correct username and password (provided by camera manufacturer). Then repeat Step 7 - create a camera name and hit blue button.


If the AngelBox is not working correctly, please check

Activating the apps

🎉  Congratulations, you have successfully connected your camera with AngelBox!

Get the most of your camera connected to Angelcam and start using our great apps. Just follow these steps:

  • Add apps to your camera. Choose what purpose is to serve your camera: Cloud Recording or Broadcasting.

  • Set up your plan. How long you'd like to broadcast from your camera (Free, Standard, Premium or Business) or how long you need to record your camera (from 3 days up to 2 years).

✅  DONE! Now you've made your camera truly smart.

Still need further assistance? Why not check out our Angelcam Community, where you can connect with other users who are sharing their own experiences and insight into various Angelcam topics and problems.

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