Disclaimer: this is workaround for geeks only and we do not provide any official support, but we will be more than happy to share your own experience about how you have connected your GoPro to Angelcam!

Besides the GoPro camera you need a PC or MAC for transcoding the stream and a properly configured router. 

  1. Run VLC from command line with parameters:
    Just as an example, replace the IP address of your GoPro camera according to the YouTube tutorial:
    VLC --sout="#transcode{vcodec=h264}:rtp{dst=,port=4444,sdp=rtsp://}" --verbose=3 --logmode=text --file-logging

  2. Previous command will open a RTSP port 8080 on your PC/Mac. Alter your firewall settings if VLC isn't able to connect to this port in following step.

  3. Create port forwarding rule in your router to make the stream accessible remotely

  4. Your RTSP path would be rtsp://your_public_IP:8080/live.sdp - add this in Angelcam Camera Connector.

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