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E-mail is more powerful than you thought
E-mail is more powerful than you thought

If a sensor, alarm-panel, panic button or application can send e-mail, it can become friend with Angelcam

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You can create one or more e-mail addresses paired with a camera connected to Angelcam. Any e-mail send there (no matter what subject and content will be) will trigger a defined action.

🤫Don't expect any reply though :) 

💡This is how it can be used:

  1. Navigate easily in your recorded video, in the web or mobile app

  2. Forward notifications to other people and/or applications, for example:
    • push notifications in Angelcam mobile app to check what's going on easily, quickly and remotely
    send notifications to Slack, Todoist, or even Google Sheets via IFTTT
    send a notification to Pagerduty

😇 We are here to help

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