SpotVision highlights

  • ✅ it works with any Angelcam compatible camera 

  • 🚀 a camera can be placed almost anyhow, there are no requirements for a specific angle, distance or so (other than common sense :)

  • 🎉 one camera can capture even tens or hundreds of parking spots (resolution and light is what matters)

  • 🔝even slow or limited internet connection is enough as the service is capturing just two snapshots per minute

  • 💰affordable pricing from €0.65/mo per parking spot, 14 days trial

  • 👏 pay-as-you go service, cancel anytime

  • 📱mobile app for drivers letting them know where to park

How it works

  1. Connect your camera to Angelcam if you haven't done so (here is how)

  2. Sign-in to SpotVision, authorize them to get access to your one or more cameras (here is how)

  3. Wait for the activation, typically it takes about two business days

  4. You and any SpotVision mobile app user will then see the occupancy in real-time (updated every 30 seconds)

Process of connecting Angelcam connected camera to SpotVision

Mobile app with available or occupied parking spots

  • Green color indicates free space, red color indicates which space is occupied.

  • Next to the parking lot name is information about the total number of parking spaces and how many of them are free.

More details about the mobile app and download links

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