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How to protect your network when enabling port-forwarding
How to protect your network when enabling port-forwarding

Having open ports on your router accessible for everybody is not a good idea, so let's limit access to your cameras just for Angelcam

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Consider not using port-forwarding at all

You already probably know we are not a big fan of port-forwarding for many reasons and that's why we had created a much easier, more secure, and reliable way how to connect your cameras to the cloud (see Advantages of Angelcam Ready cameras).

But sometimes you just need to keep going with the hardware you had already purchased - and yes, we have a better solution than port-forwarding even for you, it's called the AngelBox.

Eliminating port-forwarding security risks

Do you still want to do port-forwarding? You can significantly lower the risk by limiting the access to open ports on your router just to the servers Angelcam is using to pull streams from your cameras.

For this reason, we have created a public list of all IP addresses so you can limit access to. More info is available in this article.

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