How to connect Ring with Angelcam

Send Ring events to Angelcam to trigger recording on other cameras and more

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How to get video from Ring to Angelcam

Unfortunately, Ring is one of the few closed devices on the market not open to integration with Angelcam, so it's not possible.

💡Consider using one of the many open doorbells and intercoms, for example, Doorbird

How to get events from Ring to Angelcam

Both Angelcam and Ring support IFTTT, the free way to do more with hundreds of devices and apps. If you will send events from Ring to Angelcam, you will be able for example:

  1. Trigger recording from another camera connected to Angelcam

  2. Create a mark on a recording timeline of another camera connected to Angelcam

  3. Get notifications via the Angelcam app, e-mail, Slack, Todoist, and more.

Currently, Ring supports these so-called triggers:

Each trigger can be paired with so-called action.

Currently, Angelcam supports these actions:

Make Ring friend with Angelcam using IFTTT

  1. Authorize with your Ring account credentials

  2. Select one of the available Ring triggers

  3. Select the Ring device

  4. Select one of the available actions on Angelcam

  5. Select one of your connected cams to Angelcam (the one you want to pair the trigger with)

  6. Follow the instructions to finalize the setup

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