While we are watching closely and always fine-tuning our cloud infrastructure availability, there is many network elements between your camera and our cloud. Your router, your ISP's network infrastructure and typically many other routers and switches, ... then finally our cloud - what is many servers as well.

How to increase the chance you will have video recorded

  1. Have a battery backup for your cameras and router, to be sure your cameras will still have internet connectivity even when there is electricity outage

  2. Use cameras with local recording to SD card. Some of these cameras, e.g. Axis, has even nice web user interface to access the video.

  3. Use a local NVR

The 1st solution is the most elegant and cheap, especially if you are using cameras powered by ethernet (PoE), so all the power cables are centralized. Than you need just one UPS, starting from $40.

Other two are solutions are totally independent on the internet so it will record a video even if internet infrastructure will not work for whatever reason.

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