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Angelcam-ready Camera can't be connected - troubleshooting
Angelcam-ready Camera can't be connected - troubleshooting

Getting a connection error when entering a MAC address

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Generally speaking, if you're trying to connect an Angelcam-ready Camera, the camera needs to have an access to the internet and you need to finish the pairing process within the first 20 minutes.

If you're getting an error when trying to connect the camera or are waiting too long after entering the MAC address of your camera, it means that the camera can't access our servers for some reason. To correct the problem, please try the following procedures:

  1. Make sure that your camera isn't powered on for longer than 20 minutes. If it is, please reboot the camera and try connecting it again. This is a security feature.

  2. Check your upload speed and general connection quality, if the upload speed is too low, try configuring the camera stream according to this article.

  3. The camera needs internet access, when configuring your network, especially focus on A: Correctly filling in the "default gateway" IP address if you're assigning the camera a static IP address, B: Making sure that the camera has internet access from the subnet it is in (IP cameras connected directly into an NVR usually don't have internet access on their own, C: Configuring your firewall so that it doesn't block the access to our servers.

  4. Configure the time settings in the camera. Preferably, use an NTP time synchronization and proper timezone and DST settings. Refer to the camera user's manual for further instructions.

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