This article is useful to those of you who are not happy with audio/video settings of your camera, mostly video quality (resolution, frame-rate, compression level, ...) or camera credentials.

To find a camera web administration:

  1. Have your 💻 or 📱 on the same network (router or WiFi access point) as your camera is.

  2. Note your camera's MAC address - it's not an absolute must, but if you have more devices on your network, finding the camera will be easier.

  3. Find the camera's IP address - please choose any option fitting you the best:
    a) sing-in to your router/access-point and find the camera's IP address in a DHCP server, or
    b) 🔍 scan your network (choose any of these options):
       Windows: Use Angry IP scanner or Advanced IP Scanner
          - Geeks can run Terminal app and run “arp -a | grep MAC” where MAC is the cam's MAC address
          - Otherwise use app IP Network Scanner (free for up to 6 devices, for more devices you can use free Angry IP scanner).
       iOS: Purchase IP Network Scanner app ($19.90).

  4. Congrats! That was the hardest part! 🎉

  5. Open an internet browser and enter IP address of the camera.

  6. Sign-in to the camera - if you hadn't changed default credentials, you can find them in the camera's manual 📖.

  7. Change whatever you need to change, save your changes and enjoy!

See the example how Angry IP Scanner shows you IP addresses of your cameras:

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