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How to connect Angelcam-ready Camera
How to connect Angelcam-ready Camera
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1. Power on the camera with a power adapter.

2. Connect the camera with the router depending on the camera type (wireless or wired):

a) Wireless
Pair the router and Wi-Fi camera by pressing a WPS button on the router and simultaneously on your camera (lit up little green diode on your camera will notify you when devices are paired)

b) Wired
Connect the camera from Network Port to your router via ethernet cable (not supplied in the box with the camera).

3. Sign in (if you are already our user) or Create an account.

4. Click the "+ Connect new camera" button

5. Select "Angelcam-ready Camera" as the device you want to connect.

6. Enter the MAC address of your camera. You can find this 12-digit hexadecimal number on the device (by convention, the format is MM:MM:MM:SS:SS: SS or MMMM-MMSS-SSSS).

In case you find 2 MAC addresses on your Angelcam-ready camera, use the one that says Angelcam-ready before MAC address.

7. Wait for up to 2 minutes until Angelcam detects your camera.

8. After the camera has been detected, select it by clicking on the "Pair with Angelcam" button.

In case you see only the black screen of a player (instead of your camera stream), make sure your browser has Flash Player enabled. Read more here - part 4. Enable Flash Player in your browsers or 5. Verify whether Flash Player is installed.

If your camera is password protected, fill in your name and password (in case you haven't changed the default manufacturer's password and you don't know it, have a look at the IP camera default passwords directory).

9. Scan a QR code. To pair your camera and securely connect it to your Angelcam account, show the QR code to your camera. Hold the image in front of the camera so that it consumes about ¼ of the camera's view and hold for 10 seconds. When the pairing is finished, you'll be redirected to the Client zone.

10. Please name your camera in the upper field & tick the box in the right upper corner - than click on the "Add selected cameras to Angelcam" button

11. Once the camera is added, you can view it live & add one of our apps on it  - Cloud recording, Broadcasting.


  • Please keep in mind that connection has to be done within 20 minutes after switching the camera on. When the connection is unsuccessful within 20 minutes, please restart the camera and try it again.

  • We recommend connecting your camera to Angelcam before mounting it to the wall, as you need to find out its MAC address (usually written directly on the camera) & scan the QR code by the camera during the connection process.

  • Feel free to activate Cloud recording or the Broadcasting app on your camera and take advantage of the 30-Day Trial.

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