Due to security reasons, there is no way to connect a camera that is already paired with another account. 

We take your privacy very seriously and strive to be the most secure video service worldwide. It may not be the answer you were looking for, but we hope you can rest assured knowing that once your security camera has been paired with your Angelcam user account, there is no way that camera could be paired with a different Angelcam user account unless you, as the account owner, ask us to unpair the camera. 

Note: Unfortunately, all current Angelcam-ready cameras are still susceptible to anyone directly accessing the camera's web administration and video streams, via MJPEG or RTSP, using the default, manufacturer-provided credentials. For this reason, we strongly recommend changing the default password to something unique.

For the reasons mentioned above, we recommend every camera owner to pair his Angelcam-ready camera with Angelcam if had not been done already to avoid using the camera by somebody else typically in the case camera has been stolen. We will introduce other security and privacy features later (e.g. tracking the stolen camera and others) but the first basic step will be always the same - pairing the camera with your Angelcam user account.

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