Imagine traveling out of your home for a vacation, to a concert, theater, or commuting to your place of work. Nobody is left at home, and you would like to know when anybody enters your property. Or you are the last person that exits the office or store.

Perfect situation for ARMED state. ARMED state = in case of a security incident, your phone will receive critical notifications and trigger a loud acoustic alarm tone. If you share the incidents with your friends or a central monitoring station, they will receive the incidents only in ARMED state.

But when returning from a vacation, from a concert, theater, or work, you no longer need to Prevent incidents from happening or Deter the thieves with a speaker or fog cannon.

Perfect situation for the DISARMED state. DISARMED state = no incidents are sent to you, your friends, or central monitoring stations.

Most cameras can already detect a motion. Sign up, connect your camera(s) securely with AngelBox, then connect the motion events to Angelcam, turn on critical notifications, and you can use the ARMING and DISARMING features.

Why is it important?

ARMED state triggers most critical actions such as:

  • AI-based filtering feature that will filter false alarms (included in Prevent and Deter plans)

  • push notifications to your mobile app

  • shared push notification to contacts customer pick they want to share incidents with

  • audio warning message via Angelbox's audio input or Axis speakers

  • an email with the unique link (that will expire in 1 hour) to a web-based Video Verification screen, which is used by the central monitoring stations. In case of an incident, you'd receive this email with a link to allow you to see all the customers' cameras in a web matrix view. You can see live-view and recordings for the last hour.

How to arm manually?

In Angelcam's mobile app, simply click on the arm button

In the Incidents settings tab at the Angelcam's web app, simply click on the arm button

How to disarm manually?

In Angelcam's mobile app, simply click on the disarm button

In the Incidents settings tab using the Angelcam's web app, simply click on the disarm button

Arming is included in both of our security plans - Prevent plan and Deter plan. Happy arming!

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