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What is a Critical Alert feature?
What is a Critical Alert feature?
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Critical alerts are designed for sending crucial notifications to your phone and playing a sound even if Do Not Disturb is enabled or the phone is muted. Imagine scenarios with critical incidents that require your immediate attention and you don't want to miss, e.g. a notification about a thief in your house.

When you have a Critical Alerts feature on, be aware that the notifications can interrupt you and be loud during your business meeting or a cinema visit. However, alerts that break you out of your disconnection might just save your property and privacy, which is worth it.

How do I turn it on?

Go to your Angelcam mobile app, click on the Notifications section in the bottom menu bar, and turn Critical Alerts on. You can also manage Critical Alerts in your phone’s Settings.

When you have this feature on, you can see the incident notifications are marked as Critical on iOS or are bigger on your phone’s screen on Android.

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