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How to install any 3.5 mm audio speaker via AngelBox
How to install any 3.5 mm audio speaker via AngelBox
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One of the best ways to actively deter a trespasser is to simply speak to the person via the audio speaker. You can deter 98% of trespassers using this method.

Angelcam supports two options for audio deterring.

  1. Automatic - when the person is detected, the speaker will automatically replay the pre-recorded message.

  2. Push2talk - you or shared contact can talk to the intruder live via the Angelcam alarm interface on the web browser or mobile app.

Industrial Speakers with embedded IP technology and integrated amplifiers are easier to install but come with a higher cost.

If you don't have a budget to install $499 Axis industrial speakers, you can start with any 3,5 mm analog speaker you find on the market.

A couple of examples of speakers below the $150 range:

If the speaker does not have an integrated amplifier, you will need to get one for every speaker. Amplifiers for 200W speakers range from $50 to $150.

A couple of examples:

Depending on the amplifier type, you could also need a 3.5 mm reduction to RCA. The reduction cost is around $5 to $15 (an example)

Maximum cable length is also important to consider. You need to look at how long the cables will need to run. Then, you can select the appropriate gauge wire thickness for each distance limit.

A thicker speaker wire will have less resistance, helping preserve your sound quality even for long cable runs. For example, very heavy speaker cables of about 16-gauges can stretch for as far as 50 feet (15 meters) without affecting your listening experience. So its thickness can compensate for the distance.

Thickness is measured in SWG (standard wire gauge) and AWG (American wire gauge). The smaller the SWG or AWG number, the thicker it is. Sometimes, a cable manufacturer will measure thickness by giving the strand count.

Use this guide to help you:



22 AWG

3 to 12 feet / 0.9 to 3.6 meters

20 AWG

5 to 20 feet / 1.5 to 6 meters

18 AWG

8 to 32 feet / 2.5 to 9.7 meters

16 AWG

12 to 48 feet / 3.6 to 14.6 meters

14 AWG

20 to 80 feet / 6 to 24 meters

12 AWG

30 to 120 feet / 9.1 to 36.5 meters

10 AWG

50 to 200 feet / 15.2 to 61 meters

Note that there is a range given in feet rather than a strict length because the resistance is also affected by your speaker impedance. A 2 OHM speaker can have a maximum length of 3 feet (0.9 meters) for a 22 AWG, while an 8 OHM speaker can have a maximum length of 12 feet (3.6 meters).

An analog audio speaker with an amplifier and RCA converter cable can be purchased for $150 compared to Axis industrial speaker more affordable for price-sensitive installation.

You need to connect a 3.5 mm audio cable to the Angelbox audio output and contact us at, which will activate the audio features for you.

Pros of analog audio speaker compared to Axis industrial speaker

  • lower cost

  • already installed speaker can be used

Cons of analog audio speaker compared to Axis industrial speaker

  • Axis speaker can be installed 100m away and connected to a network switch

  • No amplifier, reduction, or quality audio cables needed

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