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How to install network Axis Speaker
How to install network Axis Speaker
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One of the best ways to actively deter a trespasser is to simply speak to him via the audio speaker. You can deter 98% of trespassers using this method.

Angelcam supports two options for audio deterring.

  1. Automatic - when the person is detected, the speaker will automatically replay the pre-recorded message.

  2. Push2talk - you or a shared contact can talk to the intruder live via the Angelcam alarm interface on the web browser or mobile app.

Industrial Speakers with embedded IP technology, such as Axis Speaker, have integrated amplifiers and are generally easier to install but come with a higher cost.

Axis C1310-E Speaker price range is around $499 but will save you a lot of installation time.

Axis speaker has an integrated amplifier meaning you won't need to get one for every speaker. Analog cables with a 3.5 mm reduction are also not needed.

You need only a PoE network switch and UTP/FTP cable. Since the Speaker is IP, the maximum distance from Speaker to the network switch is 100 m.

How to make Axis Speaker Angelcam-powered

Step #1 Download Angelcam Connector (make sure that your speaker is using Axis firmware version 10.10. and higher)

Step #2 Install Angelcam Connector to the Speaker:

Note: Angelcam Connector is installed in the same way as Axis cameras. The only difference is that in the last step, when you're adding "Camera" (time 2:20 in the video below), you won't be able to add the Speaker as a camera. You must wait until the device is discovered, put the credentials in, and then cancel the process. You should be able to see the Speaker as a Device in Device Management at the top right menu.

Pros of Axis Network speaker compared to analog audio speaker

  • Less labor, easier to install

  • Axis speaker can be installed 100m away and connected to a network switch

  • No need for special audio cables or amplifiers

  • Has an integrated microphone for audio detection and can self-test itself

Cons of Axis Network speaker compared to analog audio speaker

  • Higher costs

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