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How to log into IP camera administration?
How to log into IP camera administration?

See how to get local IP address so you can log into your IP camera administration & configure whatever you need.

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Step 1: Make sure your PC or phone is on the same network (router or WiFi access point) as your camera is.

Step 2: Note your camera's MAC address (it's usually printed on the camera itself or its box). This is not an absolute must, however, if there are more devices on your network, it will help you to easily identify your camera.

Step 3: Find the camera IP address - please choose any of the following options that is most convenient for you:

a) Sing into your router/access point (see how) and find the camera's IP address in a DHCP server.


b) Scan your network (choose any of these options):

Step 4: Open any web browser and input the IP address into the address bar at the top of the screen and press "Enter/Return"

Step 5: Your browser will take you to the login page of your camera. Use your camera login and password. If you don't know your camera credentials and you never changed them, you will most likely have default settings. In such a case check default camera passwords directory.

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