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How to correct the time on your camera
How to correct the time on your camera

If your camera isn't showing a correct time

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The time you're seeing comes from various sources

  1. Time in Angelcam interface - Be sure to configure your timezone correctly. Do it separately for each camera by going to the "manage camera" page. There you will be able to select your timezone. The time itself is based on your computer setup and is synced automatically

  2. The time directly in the video feed - It is hard coded into the stream by your camera, so to adjust it, you will need to enter its local web configuration. Please refer to your user's manual for more info. Once you log in to the camera, look for a "Time" or "Time and Date" section. We recommend using NTP synchronization, this way you can be sure that the time on your camera is always correct.

  3. We recommend using NTP server

Don't forget to adjust your daylight saving time (DST) too, if necessary:

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