How to send events to Angelcam via e-mail
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Each Angelcam-connected camera can be controlled by a physical or virtual sensor, each sensor gets its own unique email address, allowing users to create events on the camera’s timeline by sending an email or starting the cloud recording based on these events. To find the unique email address of your camera, check its settings page under the "My sensors" menu:

Tip: You can find more info about configuring your sensor here.

In most cases, an email will be triggered by a motion detection feature that can be configured directly in your camera. Such an event is marked on the camera timeline and you can easily search through the events at a later time or even start the recording based on that.

You can use your own SMTP server or directly connect to our:

SMTP Address:
Port: 25 or 8025 (port 25 is blocked sometimes by ISPs)
Mail from: whatever (in format eg.
Do not enable SMTP authentication.
Do not enable encryption.
You can add a snapshot attachment however it won't be used or stored.

All events can be found both in your mobile app and in the web app as well if you have your Cloud Recording activated.

Tip: Don't share this email address! Anyone who has it can add events as you. 

Combination with other notifications

Some of you might want to have your events marked on the Angelcam timeline and still want to receive email notifications directly from the camera.

  • For cameras that allow you to enter multiple email addresses, it isn't a problem and you can have both your Angelcam email and your personal email configured there.

  • Some cameras might only allow you to enter one email address. In that case, we recommend setting up a new email address that will be receiving notifications from the camera and forwarding all the emails to your personal email and to the Angelcam event API email simultaneously.

    Be sure to use a completely new email account for this purpose to prevent other messages to act as event triggers.

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