How to connect Wyze camera to Angelcam

Yes, even $20 cameras can be connected to Angelcam with a little effort.

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In general, there are two groups of cameras on the market:

  1. Closed black boxes that work only with associated mobile or web applications, e.g. Nest, Netatmo and a few more.

  2. Luckily, more camera producers are shipping cameras supporting open industry standards: RTSP & h.264. We estimate 99% cameras are open by default.

Wyze cameras are probably the only ones that fit in both these categories. How is this possible? 🤔

  1. The Wyze Cam and Wyze Cam Pan do not come with RTSP by default

  2. To use RTSP you need to install a different version of the official firmware.

Step 1 - connect your camera as usual & pair it with your mobile app

Just install Wyze 

Step 2 - add open protocol RTSP support into your Wyze cam

  1. Prepare micro SD card

  2. Prepare a computer or mobile device with SD card reader

  3. Update the firmware in your camera following instructions provided by Wyze.

    Based on our experience we recommend to use Beta firmware (available at the end of that page) to get a better results.

Step 3 - setup RTSP

Follow this video or steps below:

  1. Go to your Wyze app and click on your camera

  2. Click on the Settings icon (top-right cogwheel icon)

  3. Continue to Advanced Settings and then to the RTSP section (the last item)

  4. Toggle the RTSP switch

  5. Enter the desired stream credentials

  6. Click to "Copy" to copy'n'paste the RTSP address appeared

Step 4 - test RTSP stream works

👉 This step is optional yet will assure you everything is working correctly before continuing.

Follow this video or steps below:

  1. Open VLC on your computer or mobile device (iOS, Android)

  2. Open the RTSP stream while being on the same local network as your Wyze camera is
    • Windows: Press Control + N, paste the RTSP stream address and press ENTER. In a several seconds you should see a video.
    • Mac: Press COMMAND + N, paste the RTSP stream address and press ENTER. In a several seconds you should see a video.
    • Mobile: Click to Network, then to Open Network Stream, paste the RTSP stream address and click to Open Network Stream button. In a several seconds you should see a video.

If you can see the video, you are good to go to the final step! 👏

Step 5 - connect a camera to Angelcam cloud

In order to make the local RTSP stream accessible from the internet, you'll need to either:

   A) Setup port-forwarding on your router. This is for advanced users only! You will need to know credentials to your router, have public IP address for your router, have static IP address from your internet provider or set dynamic DNS, you have to know how to set port-forwarding in your router & ideally secure your network. Finally, to prevent this setup from not working, when your router will provide a different IP address to your Wyze camera, you have to set a static IP address in your router. Once you have done all that, this is how to connect your camera using our camera connection wizard. Pretty geeky stuff! That's why this option is for IT professionals only.

👉 Note we can't help you with port-forwarding and other network setup, so pick this option only if you know what you are doing or you have IT department.

   B) Get any device with Angelcam Connector integrated

Angelcam connector is software we created to let you automatically find all your cameras and let you connect them to the cloud easily, securely and reliably. There is an expanding range of devices with Angelcam Connector integrated, for example:

💡Note, there are hundreds of security cameras compatible directly with Angelcam Connector, especially those from Axis and Hikvision, so these cameras don't need AngelBox or port-forwarding at all.

Step 6 - Enjoy your Wyze camera boosted by Angelcam! 🚀

  • Record your Wyze camera 24/7 with video retention anywhere between 3 days and multiple years, or record only when something happens

  • Get e-mail notifications in a case your Wyze camera goes offline

  • Use Angelcam's web and mobile apps (with one of the best user reviews in the industry!) as a unified interface for all your security cameras, no matter what brand or model

  • Share live, or live and recorded video, with one or more other people

  • Broadcast video publicly even to thousands of concurrent viewers

  • Integrate your alarm-panel or sensor with video from Wyze camera

  • Store recorded incidents in an unlimited secured vault

  • Integrate with IFTTT or our cloud REST API

... and more. Check for more details or reach us.

😇 We are here to help

Just say or check out Angelcam Community to connect with other users sharing their own experiences and insight into various security topics.

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