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Advantages of Angelcam-ready cameras
Advantages of Angelcam-ready cameras

Why should you demand and use Angelcam-ready cameras

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Almost any video-capable device from security cameras and mobile devices to doorbells is supported, but "Angelcam-ready" cameras make it a piece of cake and offer peace of mind.

Angelcam-ready product certification, available to any hardware producer, includes camera firmware enhancement that brings you:

  1. A chance to connect your camera to the cloud easily and securely.

  2. Angelcam's free apps: remote live video monitoring from any browser and mobile device (iOS & Android supported), camera status notifications, camera sharing, and broadcasting.

  3. Use any paid application from Angelcam's open application store, including cloud storage and more coming apps.

  4. Integrate your camera with other systems using APIs.


Why it's so easy and secure at the same time

Angelcam-ready cameras are connected to the cloud with VPN-like technology, so that:

  • it encrypts and secures the video stream and your credentials ➡ Keep your video just yours,

  • you don't need to set up port forwarding ➡ no need for a public and static IP address & no camera port is exposed to the public internet.


Why is it reliable?

  • Connection to the cloud is being initiated from a camera side ➡ Everything is working even when your router will be restarted when you change an Internet Service Provider, or when you move a camera completely to a new location.

  • Services are operated on scalable & reliable cloud infrastructure in several data centers, independently monitored 24/7.

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