You may already know we are not a big fan of port-forwarding - the traditional way how people are watching their security cameras remotely.

To overcome all the issues caused by port-forwarding, which is hard to set up, not reliable, and finally not secure, we had developed Angelcam Connector. These days you can find Angelcam Connector available for a big variety of devices, from minicomputers (e.g. Raspberry Pi), routers (e.g. Ubiquity EdgeRouters or OpenWRT based routers), intercoms (e.g. 2N) to cameras - Axis and Hikvision.

Now it's possible to access Axis web administration interface as well 🚀

No matter you are in the same network or on the other side of the planet, if you need to access Axis web admin for whatever reason, you can do so from Angelcam web app easily.

When it matters? When you want to change video settings, setup event recording, and do other changes in a camera setting.

All that done by encrypted communication, without the need of knowing camera IP address, having public/static IP address or port-forwarding set.

How to

  1. Have Axis camera with Angelcam Connector (version from August 2020 or newer) connected to your Angelcam account. Here is a list of compatible Axis cameras.

  2. select a camera

  3. in the bottom right corner click at "Camera admin interface"


I have an AXIS camera but the "Camera admin interface button" is not being shown?

Your AXIS camera has an old version of Angelcam Connector without this features support. Just update to the latest version (10.0-0 or higher).

I see the "Camera admin interface" yet the camera web admin interface is not being shown then.

You are probably having firmware 9.8 or higher. These firmwares are not supported yet. Check our product portal for more details and to subscribe to get a notification once we will have the solution.

👉 Check out our Angelcam Community to get support and connect with other users who are sharing their own experiences and insights.

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